MortgageCare $0 /mth

Whether it’s a first home purchase or you’re plugging us into your existing mortgage, we can handle the rest. Great structures, rates, and bank access with ongoing guidance — saving you time and money.

  • Personal adviser

    Your personal adviser will take care of everything mortgage related, including strategy and direction. We know your story, so no need to repeat it to ever-changing bank staff. Call us for free Q&A at anytime.

  • Mortgage review

    A mortgage review starts by understanding what you want to achieve. Everyone is different and what you do with your mortgage will impact your wider finances. What’s my borrowing power? What does increasing my repayments by $200 reduce my loan term by? These are all questions we have answers to.

  • Mortgage restructuring

    Fixed or floating? Revolving credit? We know how to balance your circumstances with a loan structure that works for you. The right combination can make all the difference.

  • Refixing at optimum interest rates

    When your loan is up for renewal, we’re already thinking about it. We’ll consider your wider picture and what other banks have to offer, designing the deal that suits you best.

  • Pre-purchase approval

    Buying a first home or investment property? Upsizing or buying a bach? We’ll take care of this for you so you can go shopping with a pre-approval in your pocket.

  • Top-ups made easy

    New kitchen, or maybe bathroom first? More kids — here comes the 7 seater. You focus on making plans, and with minimal input from you, we’ll take care of the rest.

  • New home purchase

    If it’s your first time getting a mortgage, we can help with that too. Our job is to talk you through the whole process, and we know how to get the best result from your application. We’re here to answer all your questions.

  • PointerAlerts

    If rates are going up or down, there might be work to do. If there is, we’ll get in touch. We can make the changes to ensure you are getting the best from market conditions.

  • PointerAccess

    Good advice is important to us. We’re one of only 6 mortgage firms to have relationships with each of New Zealand’s main banks — we can provide the widest possible range of products and options to engineer the right solution.

Why is it free? 
As long as we represent you, the banks will pay us if you borrow more or refix your mortgage. If that’s not the case, we’ll let you know up front.

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FinancialLife-Map $500 /plan

This is where we look at the wider picture — making sure all the puzzle pieces fit together. We work with you to understand your goals, review your insurances and create a strategy so you can look ahead and see how to get there.

  • LifeMap session

    We want to get a chance to better understand your world, what’s important to you and where you want to get to. Traditionally, this sort of planning and financial modelling was only available to those who were ready to invest. We want to change that.

    During our meeting, we will use our purpose-built software to collect information about your income, expenditure and debt levels and draw pictures of your world in real time – mapping out how different decisions impact your finances over the long-term.

    Want to use KiwiSaver for that house purchase, but you’re nervous about what that means for your retirement? Earning a little more income and want to know what those extra repayments might save you in interest? We can show you.

    Everything is saved into your personal Life-Map, so we can update it anytime something in your life changes. It is the foundation of any advice we give.

  • Personal risk

    If you’re thinking about insurance, we can help you understand what risks you have and how best to cover them. It’s more than just getting the right insurance, it’s about making sure it remains affordable for as long as you might need it.

  • Property portfolios

    Kiwi’s love to invest in property, and as those portfolios start to grow, keeping track of all the numbers can get complicated.

    Our software has a purpose-built section that creates property portfolio projections, so you can get some clarity about how each property might perform over time.

    We can then model individual properties with different capital gain and yield assumptions, but bring everything back to an overall dashboard, where you can illustrate net losses or gains into the future, and at what point you might be able to add additional properties.

  • Wider family finances

    According to IRD, raising a child in New Zealand will cost you about $14,000pa. We want to help you plan it all out — maternity leave, schooling and university costs, and helping them into their own home. Our job is to help you give them the best start possible.

    Children aren’t always your only dependents. Will your parents need support through retirement? Maybe another family member might need a bit of help? We want to make sure that you can be there without impacting your financial future.

  • Retirement planning

    For most people NZ Super will only form a part of their retirement income. We can sit down with you and show you what you need to do now to make sure you can afford the retirement you want to have later.

  • PointerHub

    If you have a question about anything financial, there’s a good chance we can assist. Where we can’t help you directly, it’s likely we know someone who can. Let us work with your existing professionals and together we will be a better team.

After your session.
We’ll provide you with a life-map summary of your financial world so you can have more visibility about where you are at and where you are going.

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Re-fixing our mortgage was worth it

We thought we were on a good interest rate until we spoke to Pointer. They restructured everything and got us better rates. What’s great is that they’ll do it next time too.

Sarah & James
We’re clearing debt so much faster

After our strategy session we had a much better idea of what we needed to do. With Pointer’s help we now have our mortgage sorted and feel more confident about how we are tracking.

Katrina & Paul
We’re amazed a rental was an option

Seeing the numbers in our strategy session showed us we were better off than we thought. It felt like buying a rental was always a long way off, but now we actually own one!

Tracey & Cameron
Loan types are no longer a mystery

At first it seemed like there was too much to know. Everyone at Pointer was very patient and explained what structure was best, and why. Now I have a great system for clearing debt and the flexibility to run my finances how I want.

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