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Think ahead. Protect your progress. Make better decisions.

Everyone can benefit from a financial strategy that is based on personalised analysis and research — rather than a one size fits all approach.

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are at. Whether you are wondering about the impact of expensive renovations, buying a home, planning for children, or simply considering what happens to your investment properties when it’s time to retire — we can help. During our life-mapping sessions, we discuss how the future might look based on your current position and what you can do about it — then we strategise a way to get there. The result is confidence, because any decisions you make will be better informed and more likely to work out as planned.

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Get perspective

New Zealanders typically shy away from conversations about money, and discussing this with friends and family is not always helpful. We have the qualifications and tools to show you what’s possible.

Leverage your assets

The equity in your home grows over time and can be used to improve your progress. Whether you use that equity to buy a better home, or get a rental property to capture long-term capital gains – it’s important to consider your options.

Plan ahead

For most people, KiwiSaver will make up only part of what you need to retire on. Starting with a Pointer adviser now means that you will make better decisions and improve your chances for what happens later.

Protect your progress

Part of getting ahead is making sure a change in circumstances doesn’t impact on what you’ve achieved. Let us help you find the right balance between cover and cost, ensuring your insurances work the way you want.

Time is a resource

When putting a financial idea into practice, time can work in your favour. Even where debt is never paid off, it may be worthwhile if you get enough capital gain. Life-mapping can give you clarity by projecting different possibilities.

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Using our purpose-built software, we can
strategise your debt so it works more effectively.

Mortgage Repayment Comparison

Gathering information about your income, annual spending and debt levels, builds an illustration that allows us to compare an accelerated debt-repayment plan to a standard 30-year mortgage. Our software then allows us to change the inputs so the graphs change as you do — maybe you need to make minimum repayments for a while because childcare is eating up all your surplus funds, or you want to take advantage of contract work to clear large chunks of debt. What’s useful is our software tracks with your life, so your graphs grow and change as you do Whatever your plans, we can update your Financial Life-Map at any time and show you what’s coming.

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Should I sell the bach and focus on my property portfolio?

Giving you financial visibility. Using our purpose-built software
we can give you the answers.

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We can see beyond your debt and forecast
your progress over time.

Lifetime Cashflow Modelling

Debt can make you focus on the short term and lose sight of the big picture. Looking through this allows us to see what life after debt could be. How much will KiwiSaver provide and will there be a shortfall? Are you on track for a comfortable retirement and could you retire early? How much can you afford to spend and still not run out of funds? We can bring clarity to all these questions, then work with you over time to improve the picture, avoid costly mistakes and make better choices.

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LIFE-MAP STORY Home Upgrade Projection

Lea and Rob had no idea that upgrading their home to a
better school zone was even possible.

When Lea and Rob came to see us they were expecting their first baby. They had done some calculations about going down to one income, but they were worried about not going backwards and were looking to cancel a raft of life insurances. We were concerned that they may have been focusing too much on the short-term and the life-mapping suggested that this was the case. While they would go sideways over the next 18 months, they would get back on track once Lea returned to work with very little variation to their long-term picture.

Better still, the modelling also showed that within 5 years they could afford to sell where they were and upgrade to a bigger home that was more suited to their growing family. While this would put them back into debt, if their careers stayed on track, they would still clear their mortgage with plenty of time to prepare for retirement.

“Life-mapping showed us that we were so much better off than we thought!” — Lea & Rob

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  • Purpose-built

    As you move through different stages of your life, your priorities change and so do your financial plans. Our software can show you the impact of what you are doing and the things you might want to do. Test an idea before you’ve done it, or look through a period of instability. It also shows us if there is something you can do better, mapping out sensible changes or defining targets for what you can achieve.

  • Easy-to-follow

    Having financial goals is important, but if your adviser isn’t taking your wider plans into account, then their advice may be looking at only the short-term. We look at the big picture. Whether it’s structuring your bank account to automate savings and debt repayments, comparing your interest rates to make your debt work for you, or looking at your personal risk and insurances to safe-keep what you’ve already achieved.

  • Ongoing support
    & guidance

    Once the financial building blocks are in place, we can focus on navigation, making sure everything stays on track and you aren’t overlooking any potential issues. As your life-stages and priorities change, we will adjust your plan to suit, making new suggestions or testing your thoughts and plans as we go. The idea here is that you can call us about anything, at any time. We want you to use us as a resource.



Whether it’s a first home purchase or you’re plugging us into your existing mortgage, we can handle the rest. Great structures, rates and bank access, with ongoing guidance — saving you time and money.

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This is where we look at the wider picture — making sure all the puzzle pieces fit together. We work with you to understand your goals, review your insurances and create a strategy so you can look ahead and see how to get there.

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